VBA Purging — How Effective Is It?

A Quick Intro to VBA and Document File Formats

Figure 1 — A compound file hierarchy with storage and stream objects. Courtesy: Microsoft
Figure 2 — VBA storage hierarchy following the compound file format. Courtesy: Microsoft
Figure 3 — Module Streams of a VBA project. Courtesy: Nviso
Figure 4 — A sample document with macros and the VBA structure where ‘ThisDocument’ is the Module Stream

Is it Stomped or Purged?

Figure 5 — Purged and non-purged documents and the differences between them
Figure 6 — Using the -i parameter in oledump to visualize PerformanceCache and CompressedSourceCode sections in Module1 on the non-purged document
Figure 7 — Same view for the purged document shows no PerformanceCache section
Figure 6 — Strings in the non-purged document
Figure 7 — Strings from the Purged document which have the same functionality yet are compressed

What’s The Next Step for Defense?

  • Train employees to pick apart malicious from harmless documents
  • Disable macros if not necessary
  • Use antimalware products to detect malicious documents containing malicious macros or VBA code
  • If macros can’t be disabled, make sure only signed macros are run or they are in trusted files
  • Block macros in Office to run from the Internet (often used for template injections). Excellent coverage by Microsoft to utilize Group Policies to enforce the change across the environment




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