LNK File Analysis: LNKing It Together!

The purpose of this article is to dig into the Shell Link Binary file format powering LNK files and analyzing how these simple shortcuts (LNKs) are potential gateways to havoc.

Shell Link Binary (File Format)

Figure 1: Overview of the Shell Link Binary file format


Figure 2: Overview of the SHELL_LINK_HEADER structure


Figure 3: Overview of the LINKTARGET_IDLIST structure




  • EnvironmentVariableDataBlock structure is useful when the link target has a corresponding environment variable as well
  • TrackerDataBlock offers another way to locate and resolve the link target using the Link Tracking Service — which can help identify if the target file was copied or moved. It can also return information such as the MachineID (NetBIOS name) where the target last existed and a MAC address
Figure 4: Overview of the EXTRA_DATA structure

Parsing LNK Files

LECmd.exe -h
LECmd.exe -f "C:\Users\X\Desktop\HxD.lnk"
Figure 5: Output of LECmd on a Sample LNK file

The Dark Side of LNK Files

Figure 6: How sweet is it?
Figure 7: Call to ‘hsmta’ with a URL (likely a downloader)
Relative Path: ..\..\..\Windows\System32\hsmta.exe...
Local path: C:\Windows\System32\hsmta.exe
-File ==> mshta.exe
Short name: hsmta.exe
Modified: 2021-01-02 03:07:32
Extension block count: 1
--------- Block 0 (Beef0004) ---------
Long name: mshta.exe
Created: 2021-01-02 03:07:32
Last access: 2021-01-02 03:07:32
MFT entry/sequence #: 215068/6 (0x3481C/0x6)
Environment variables: %windir%\System32\hsmta.exe
28636aa6-953d-11d2-b5d6-00c04fd918d0\30 Parsing Path ==> C:\Windows\System32\hsmta.exe
Figure 8: Nothing suspicious here. Just a cmd.exe call… move on.

What Can We Do About It?



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